I Am That Woman

I am a woman

I am a daughter

I am a mother

I am a sister

I am a wife

I am a grandmother

I am an aunt

I am a scientist

I am an accountant

I am a judge

I am a CEO

I am a mistress

I am a porn star

I am a stripper

I am a drug dealer

I am a Madame

I said no

I said yes

I said more

I said I’m finished

I said you’re hired

I said you’re fired

I said quit

I said stop

I said faster

I said take it slow

I am sober

I am drunk

I am on the floor

I am standing up

I am driving

I am walking

I am running

I do yoga

I lift weights

I swim

I cook

I shop

I paint my nails

I get my hair done

I’ve had plastic surgery

I’ve had lipo

I color my hair

I am on a diet

I lost 30 pounds

I gained 30 pounds

I binge

I vomit

I have depression

I have anxiety

I am suicidal

I am not pretty

I am ugly

I wish I were her

I wish I were thinner

I wish I had bigger breasts

I cheated on my husband

I am in love

I am getting divorced

I had a miscarriage

I am going to adopt

I had an abortion

I cut myself

I quit my job

I ran away from home

I fucked my boss, twice

I drove home drunk

I hitchhiked

I passed out on his couch

The condom broke

I had a hysterectomy

I had a mastectomy

I wear make-up

I prefer natural

I wear high heels

I wear tennis shoes

I shaved my head bald

I have extensions

I wear false eyelashes

I bleach my skin

I go to a tanning bed

I masturbate daily

I cannot have a vaginal orgasm

I’ve had a threesome

I am a virgin

I hate her

I love her

I am prettier than her

I am smart

I have a Master’s degree

I am a drug addict

I have a GED

I am in rehab

I filed bankruptcy

I am wealthy

I am self-made

I inherited my mom’s money

I give to charity

I volunteer

I work 900 number phone sex lines

I snort coke when I’m stressed

I smoke weed when I’m stressed

I am a neat freak

I am a slob

I lie

I have tattoos

I have body piercings

I have no children

I have two children

I have children in college

I have 9 grandchildren

I got remarried

I have two boyfriends

I don’t like to date

I like sex

I dislike sex

I love giving oral sex

I hate giving oral sex

I’ve had 7 partners

I’ve had 63 partners

I’ve had 2 partners

I have herpes

I have chlamydia

I have HPV

I have cancer

I survived cancer

I work 40 hours a week

I don’t work

I work part time

I have three jobs

I work 80 hours a week

I am retired

I never get hit on

I get hit on daily

I don’t flirt

I am a flirt

I wear loose fitting clothes

I wear form-fitting clothes

I am a size 2

I am a size 10

I am 5’6”

I am 4’11”

I weight 118 pounds

I weight 200 pounds

I am a model

I am an artist

I am a rock star

I am a mechanic

I am a linguist

I am liberal

I am conservative

I save money

I spend money

I hate women

I love women

I have male friends

I have female friends

I am jealous

I am supportive

I don’t believe her

I totally believe her

I hate her

I love her

I am a lady

I am a bitch

I am demur

I am poised

I am loud

I am feminine

I am soft

I wax my body

I have armpit hair

I shave my vagina

I have a bush

I curse

I never curse

I love her

I hate her

I was raped

I was molested as a child

I was sexually assaulted

I was sexually harassed by my boss

I sexually harassed my employee

I told no one

I told everyone

I told two people 3 years later

I have a vibrator

I have lube

I haven’t had sex in a year

I wear short skirts

I wear long skirts

I drive a truck

I drive a Toyota

I drive a motorcycle

I own a boat

I own a house by myself

I put together IKEA furniture by myself

I installed my internet by myself

I built my deck

I cannot built anything

I am not mechanically inclined

I am not tech savvy

I go to the movies alone

I take myself out to dinner alone

I have a spa day alone

I have a spa day with my sister

I have a spa day with my girlfriends

I hate weddings

I love weddings

I don’t believe in marriage

I am 20

I am 42

I am 69


These are all actual women and there are billions more not represented here.


Women, stop judging women.

Women, stop destroying women.

Women, stop competing with women.

Women, stop harassing women.

Women, stop being jealous of women.

Women, stop gossiping about women.

If you do these things, you are not pro-woman, you are anti-woman, anti-your own species.















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I am a Judaic Studies academic who loves all facets of Jewry. I am at my core and artistic being, as I am a classically trained pianist and composer. I love aesthetics and my dog. I am a misanthrope, but try to be kind to everyone.
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