Swims Through Tar

I kinda wanna be bald the rest of my life. I’ve been offered to model for a designer in Tel Aviv, I’ve been offered to have a book published. People stop me on the street, not to hit on me or be aggressive, but just to say- wow- It’s strange the things that can change your life in a minute. Superficial, meaningless crap can translate into opportunity, growth and a whole new existence.  It may start out as something on the surface, but really- its’ ones energy. It’s the way you carry yourself. It’s the way you respond to others. It’s being benevolent to the small minded, ignoring the hate, and waking the sleeping monster when someone has earned it. It’s being measured and controlled in every situation. It’s responding proportionately when deserved and diluting ones response in order to gage the weaker opponent. Ultimately it’s about being true not to oneself, but to the deepest, most primitive and pure version of ones inner self. It’s being laser focused and unbreakable. It’s about swimming through hot, thick tar and coming out onto dry land- walking down the street, naked in blackness, while spectators throw rocks, spit, take pics, invent back stories, extrapolate what it all means- and then you jump in a shower and bathe in bleach 25 times. You smile at the mirror, smirk, giggle and then poor yourself a bourbon.


About jewess

I am a Judaic Studies academic who loves all facets of Jewry. I am at my core and artistic being, as I am a classically trained pianist and composer. I love aesthetics and my dog. I am a misanthrope, but try to be kind to everyone.
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