Today I woke up to a post that there is a petition circulating to boycott the Times of Israel due to the pure hatred of one of their employees.
Said person has experienced right before our eyes a surge in popularity.
She continues to be a voice on the world stage in the form of speaking engagements, blogging and a recently published book.
The more she is attacked, the more successful she becomes.
This historically is true of all popular persons who are targeted hatefully.
Rather than documenting a synopsis of the last century, of how many politicians, actors, writers and figureheads, who have gleaned greater support and even amassed wealth as a result of being targeted by hate; I will allow you all to do your own research.
It is a tried and true principal.

In fact, it’s a bullet proof formula to remain on top in the public eye.
If I were said person, I’d be thanking all my haters and even encourage them to continue targeting me since it’s been a career boost.

If she’d have me, I co-author a series of blog pieces in order to show solidarity on the pure and simple principal of why opposing opinions shouldn’t be enemies because it’s childlike, not adultlike.
I’d see it as an opportunity to demonstrate that women are stronger than any species, fierce and lethal to defend our rights and positions on any fucking issue we damn well please.

I’d channel our Jewish common ground to slay the divisiveness these people cause and how they poison Israel in the diaspora; because it sure as shit doesn’t make a dent here in our homeland, Baruch HaShem.

I’d high five my single mom sister and share a bourbon while toasting our haters together. Thanking them for contributing to being strong women who simply have a point of view.

Anyone who is threatened by this is exactly what people like she and I count on. Every. Single. Time. We. Write.

The best part is she and I don’t agree on much. Yet I’m pretty sure we could take down anyone, but that’s not her style or mine.
The key is to understand that it’s ok to be angry as long as you don’t lose your dignity.
I’d debate her.
I’d sing to her.
I’d love her.
Because we both understand one thing that our mutual enemies will never grasp:
Hate is never the right answer.
Haters live in denial and say : “ Oh!!! I don’t hate, no I respect that she’s allowed to have opinions, but, but, but…”
– and then they lose all credibility with the”but.”

( -and I still love some of the people who signed that petition. Why? Because I’m not a petty little bitch who bases friendship on political disagreements, I have one criteria for friendship: It’s how I’m treated.)
Anachnu Echad motherfuckers


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I am a Judaic Studies academic who loves all facets of Jewry. I am at my core and artistic being, as I am a classically trained pianist and composer. I love aesthetics and my dog. I am a misanthrope, but try to be kind to everyone.
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