As a society we need to protect women and that begins with women.

How do women treat each other?

For one thing, you will be treated the way you treat your sisters in this world.

We must stop judging, betraying and harming each other.

This means we must stop name-calling.

Stop calling women who really like sex “sluts” because a slutty woman is a woman, who really enjoys a lot of sex, right…? If a man enjoys a lot of sex, there is no name for him.

Stop calling women “whores.” A whore is compensated for sex in a monetary way.

A woman gets to pick and choose whom she has sexual relations with and no one gets to decide this for her, only her.

Stop shaming women who are confident.

Stop shaming women who want to wear whatever the hell they want.

Stop analyzing women just for how they look.

It is a woman’s prerogative to be whatever she wants, say what she wants and express herself to the fullest. If a woman wants to celebrate her femininity, her sexuality, her confidence, do not disparage her from it. She is strong and you are tearing her down, which makes you a weak little bitch, get it? Cheer her on and she will cheer you on too.

We fat shame the fat women and we fit shame the fit women. We make fun of women who are unattractive and we make fun of women who are beautiful. This has got to stop and it is squarely the responsibility of every, single WOMAN.


The women of today have hijacked this ideology and perverted it, misrepresented it and created an imposter of what once was actual feminism. Women today are afraid of this word and will actually say- “Hell no, I’m not a feminist.”

Well guess what bitches, I am a motherfucking feminist and here is why.

I want to be judged on the merit of performance in the workplace. I want to be remembered for my brain, my skills and ability to solve difficult matters with unconventional solutions.

I am divergent.
I develop in different directions.
I interpret all matters differently.
I use unfamiliar premises as bases for inference.
I avoid common limiting assumptions in making deductions.

No one gets to tell me I am a man hater or I want to assume a masculine role in society.

I am feminine and my feminine power is understood esoterically, literally and multi-dimensionally in order to convey to every man and woman that I wield my feminine power benevolently, not weaponize it. Few women understand this and many women hate the women who do understand this.

This definition ^ I just gave for feminism will not be found in Vogue magazine, it won’t be on The View, NPR or CNN. This is my definition and I claim it as my own. No one gets to define feminism for me, hence the entire point of feminism. A self-actualized feminist is fierce and cannot be destroyed by anything. A true feminist will advocate for her sisters, even when she doesn’t agree with them.

I compete with no woman because no woman competes with me.

Sisterhood, bitches or GTFO.

Stop treating beauty like a competitive sport.

You cannot look up a picture of beauty in the dictionary and find a picture of it.

Quit telling ordinary women they are not pretty enough or good enough and quit telling pretty women with self-esteem they are narcissists because they own it.

Quit gossiping about women.

Quit focusing on other women, focus on you. Do you.

Quit hating women for what they have done, or not done.

Quit hating women for being different than the “squad” or saying, “fuck the squad”.

Quit hating women who give not one single fuck what basic bitches think of them.

Women are destroying women today. They think it is men who are their oppressors, I disagree 100%. Guess what? I see women shitting on each other every day, not even close to how men have treated women in the last twenty-five years.

Take responsibility ladies, look in the mirror and admit it. You cannot expect the female species to improve and get what they want in life if you are destroying feminine energy from within.

Part of being a true feminist is the acceptance of all women. This means you have to embrace otherness, difference in opinion, politics, religion, sexuality, self-expression and taste. If you call yourself pro-woman and you shit on other women, via gossip, trolling, secret hatred and JEALOUSY (HOLLLAAA), you are not pro-woman.

Don’t judge a bitch. Worry about your own damn self.

This world makes it hard to be a woman for so many reasons, but I can think of no greater challenge for a woman than to have to function in a world of petty, yenta women who are not women, but little girls…





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I am a Judaic Studies academic who loves all facets of Jewry. I am at my core and artistic being, as I am a classically trained pianist and composer. I love aesthetics and my dog. I am a misanthrope, but try to be kind to everyone.
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