Israel should turn verbiage on its ass

Israel should own the world’s terminology and push it right back in everyone’s face.

I think Israel should own the title “Occupier”- I mean seriously. Occupation is not illegal; military occupations are a legitimate status. The Occupation here can be summed up in two words- Check Points. That’s right kids, checkpoints. Both Israelis and Palestinians go through them.

Ever wonder why they are here? They were not here before Oslo. They were created as a tactic to end terrorism. Guess what kids? It worked. We don’t have buildings and buses being blown up anymore. You know something? Both Israelis and Palestinians hate the wall. It’s an endless catch-22 here. Gotta take the bad with the good.

Arkin.Israel.Abu-Dis_0 wall

My biggest criticism of the occupation is that it is not a real one. It is a lame one. I think one of Israel’s greatest failures is not giving the Palestinians a proper occupation. Seriously, they should’ve done what the British did in India. An occupation should leave a population better off. An occupation is supposed to have a beginning and an end. There is suppose to be an agenda and once it is complete, that should be it. Israel should have been all up in the Palestinians lives- not these checkpoints; I mean every facet of their existence…

I think Israel should never own the title “Colonialist” (but I can make an exception)- Considering there has been a continuous Jewish presence here for 4,000 years- INCLUDING, but not limited to, being under other foreign overlords.

Today’s Palestinians cannot prove that all of them were here before the 1700’s.We cannot call them colonizers either because they didn’t colonize anything, they didn’t build infrastructure, no institutions, nothing.

There have always been other peoplehoods living in this land. Some of them have what is called – “long standing presence.” However, Mizrahi Jews make up half the country and was clearly here- thus not being colonialists. If the haters want to reduce the Ashkenazim to the colonialist title, fine then I will own it.

Damn straight the Ashkenazim are colonialists and if you don’t like it and want us to leave- just consider what that means. It basically amounts to us packing up our toys and taking them with us. We will take everything we built- EVERYTHING… In other words, we would be taking Israel in its entirety. Everything you can touch, taste, smell, hear and see would be gone. Poof!

The funny thing is that EVERYONE is a hypocrite because the entire world has been colonized- minus China. So, if you are not Chinese, guess what? Bingo! You are a mother-fucking colonist too. Colonization is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind. Without it, there wouldn’t be the level of society or invention of nation state constructs without it.

Dear Jews, when the world calls us occupiers and colonialists- quit arguing and own it proudly as fuck. Both are an actual status. Both are legitimate and it has been going on forever. It’s not special or controversial at all. It only matters cause Israel.

When you look at all the institutions that existed during what was called British Mandate Palestine, you will find that many of its members and affiliates were Jewish.

(Give examples and photos) Why? Because Jews were living here. One could say Jews are the original Palestinians, but that is inaccurate because it implies Palestinian is an ethnicity. It is not, it is an Arab conglomerate. I have asked many Palestinians where their parents were born, their grand parents and great grand parents. They all say Jordan and often say Lebanon, Egypt or Syria. Folks, those countries are what we call the Levant. They are very similar- similar foods and preparations, language, similar dress, décor and customs. Yet if you look up what year Syria became a country, what year Lebanon became a country, what year Jordan became a country, what year Egypt became a country and what year Israel became a country- you will see a date.

images Pali ISrael

Up until two months ago, if you looked up what year Palestine became a country, nothing came up because it never was a country. Yet two months ago, someone added to Google that it became a country in 1981. Yet if you read what happened you will find that it did not become a country. Rather, in 1981 the PLO declared itself and independent government in exile from Algeria. No I am not kidding, I am not trying to be funny at all.

When the world calls Israel Apartheid, it doesn’t know the backstory of where that word comes from. Folks, it is South African, and it is uniquely theirs. They earned that shit and can keep it. You see from 1948-1991 those fuckers used policy to legislate racism. Now sure there is a ton of people in the world we call racists, but I’m talking about government sanctioned racism as written into law.

Israel gives a quarter of a million work permits a year to Palestinians to come and work in Jerusalem. Are you getting it yet? (Tell the story of the halva factory in Samaria)

War crimes- oh you mean like genocide? The Palestinian population has increased exponentially under Israel. If you actually took the time to get to know us, our culture and our customs, you’d know genocide is not a Jewish thing. Even the Palestinians know this. By the way, they do not perpetuate that lie, outside people who don’t live here do…

And by the way, if we wanted them dead, we would’ve annihilated them 50 years ago.

If you sit down face to face with a Palestinian and ask them about their day-to-day life, they will eventually get around to complaining about their own actual government, The PA- The Palestinian Authority. Oh, you mean you thought I was gonna say the Israeli government? Nope, that’s my government, I am Israeli. The Palestinians live under something called the PA. That’s right kids. They held an election 11 years ago and never had one again since then. The PA is a group of pseudo leaders with civil administration powers. Here’s the fun part, they are thugs, kinda like the mafia.

They are corrupt and the people loathe them. Just do yourself a favor and research it. It’s insane on a level you have never seen. They can’t run a fucking falafel stand without it being a train wreck. Research how much the PA gets paid and then look- up where those motherfuckers live.

Imagine for a moment, I say I wanna run for office in Cincinnati Ohio, (my hometown) but I live here in Jerusalem. Let’s say I get elected, but guess what? I live here, not there. Yup. That’s right kids. They live in places like Qatar. While you’re at it, you might wanna research how much Qatar funds terrorism.

There are also tens of thousands of European (and American) NGO’s here. They fund a ton of this drama and one day they will realize they can’t fund this venture because it’s just bad business. You can’t run a pretend entity on someone else’s dime. It is not sustainable… This is why I no longer bitch about the PA or the conflict for that matter.

So why don’t the Palestinians have an election you say? Let me introduce you folks to Hamas. This is a terrorist organization. They have had Gaza under siege since 2005.

Oh you thought Israel had Gaza under siege? Yeah, I know, you keep getting it backwards for some reason… Anyway, Hamas would win any election held tomorrow in the PA and this is why there are no elections. Why would Hamas win? Because, they would bribe the large Arab clan families here (look it up) to vote for them. They would threaten them if they did not comply. There are also those who would vote for Hamas because they want a war and want Israel to win. Huh? What? Yup. That’s right kids. Where am I getting my info? I talk to people who live here every day. The people’s dialogue is the only one that counts. The media doesn’t tell you anything other than what they decided is their own agenda.

Why would Palestinians want this? Because if Hamas attacks Israel then Israel will annihilate them and win. Then Israel will give the remaining Palestinian population citizenship and those Palestinians won’t have to look bad or traitorous. Poof. Done.

Couldn’t this be achieved another way? Sure it could. King Bibi could annex the West Bank and give them all citizenship now. The PA would become obsolete. Sure Gaza and Hamas would still exist, but that’s not our problem. We left there in 2005. Let Gaza serve as exhibit A for what a Palestinian state would look like under Hamas. I literally tell people I have no suggestion for Gaza because it is beyond my scope. I do not possess the expertise to address something that complex. Everyone thinks they have a solution for it and that to me is just ego. I have nothing else to say about that…

So why isn’t King Bibi annexing and giving citizenship to those Palestinians? Because, the conflict is an ATM, too many NGO’s, too many governments, too many meddling hands are involved and profiting. Additionally, the international community stokes the conflict. Between Arab and European anti-Semitism and the US with their obsession over Israel- no one will leave us the hell alone and just let us handle it. We could’ve ended the conflict 10 times over by now…


The governments, NOT the people living here are the real problem.

Diaspora Jews in the US love to demonize ordinary Palestinians and Jews too. There is propaganda on both sides and it is a gross misrepresentation of life on the ground.

I have gotten to a point where I do not read one single word of hasbara (the word for explaining Israel- lol). I do not read anything that smells like Israel advocacy and I do not attend any more peace conferences. It is all bullshit and I mean total bullshit.

It is an endless circle jerk where people say the same shit over and over again, yet expecting a change. This of course is the textbook definition of insanity.

I listen. I walk around. I drink coffee. I go to art galleries and look at what is being produced by both Israelis and Palestinians. Art reflects life and it doesn’t need an agenda. It is honest, it doesn’t have to be politically correct and it is provocative.

I cook, I meditate, I do yoga, I read, I play my piano, I snuggle my pug, Fig and I journal.

download yoga

Anyone who reads this can easily refute every word of it. Why? Because I am a liar? Nope. Because not only do the 6 million Jews here have 6 million opinions, but also the same is true of the Palestinians. Some of them are hardcore nationalists, some want annexation, some want Israeli citizenship, some want to just share land and have their own identity. It is soooo not about Islam. I know, you are thinking to yourself how wrong I am. These people are not hung up on Islam. They want to live normal lives and that’s all. I see married Muslim Arab women in jeans and t-shirts. I see women in hijabs holding hands with their spouses and kissing on the train. I see them driving the family car with their husband in the passenger seat. They don’t give a fuck about Islam- only Diaspora, know-it-all American, right wing Jews. I have merely offered you MY experience. I merely shared with you what I here from the folks I talk to. This is not even about my opinion; it is me telling you what I experience here. An experience is neither right nor wrong. This is also true of opinions- they are neither right nor wrong.

(But this piece is on Facebook, so of course you will all snap and tell me how wrong it is.)

In only one year I have become jaded to this conflict. I have decided to quit treading water. My arms and legs are tired and it makes more sense to give in and let the current take me under. This is rather Israeli. Israelis just wanna live their lives too. They do not read what Facebook things about them and are the kings and queens of giving no fucks. I am done giving a fuck. I live here, I am Israeli, I can pay my taxes, exist as part of the fabric of Israeli society and accept that I don’t have to solve jack shit.

People want to know what I am doing now- I have abandon the peace, advocacy and coexistence world. I can only write down what I see in front of me and share it with you guys. I am on my second year here in this country and I am just breathing.


Who knows, maybe this year my Hebrew will be at the level of a five-year-old instead of a two-year-old?

*This was a journal entry from my private diary. It was written in stream of consciousness.


















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I am a Judaic Studies academic who loves all facets of Jewry. I am at my core and artistic being, as I am a classically trained pianist and composer. I love aesthetics and my dog. I am a misanthrope, but try to be kind to everyone.
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  1. Sasha Juno says:

    There’s so much to unpack and so little time. Bottom line is I’d hate, as a peoplehood, to lose the 4,000 year old connection with Judea and Samaria simply because it’s too hard to solve, nihilism wins, and we’ve stopped giving a fuck. Also, not so sure that I’d want to own “occupation” since it’s such a loaded derogatory trigger term.

    The takeaway clearly is that, while Diaspora opinions matter on some level, and many of us in living exile try our best to slay antisemitic demons while supporting our home from afar, it’s hasbara masturbation at best (i.e., circle jerk). One would really have to exist in Israel, like Kara, to fully comprehend the aspirations of the day-to-day, especially when layered onto such a surreal political landscape.

    Secondly, in my view, Islam plays a much bigger role than you wish to admit. While everyday Arabs in J&S may become more educated and modernized, thereby finding themselves increasingly atheist or non-observant, Islam looms like a dark overlord. In some ways, Islam is way more eternal and threatening than the PA.

    But you’ve come a long way baby. Thanks for taking us with you on your journey.

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