I still love my leftist Jews.
Living in Israel has brought out my inner leftist.

Some of you think you know me, but that is not possible.
Social media is not an accurate indicator of one’s personality, character or disposition.

Some of you think I am right wing because I am a Zionist.
Yet the founders of Zionism were leftists.
Some of you think I am right wing because I defend Israel’s stance on security and I support law enforcement.

Yet none of these matters have anything to do with being a leftist.
Safety and security are not political ideologies.

I grew up in a right wing household.
I was a performing artist for the first 25 years of my life.
I have always voted Democrat (even though I know fiscally Republicans are smarter).
I am still and always will identify as an artistic being.
I never fit in with my family.
Quite frankly, I never felt that I fit in anywhere- unless I was with artists.

As a young person I was always considered eccentric, divergent, unconventional and sensitive. Everyone saw me as empathetic, creative, and tender hearted.
Most people would not use these terms to describe me today.
As adults we grow into some version of ourselves that will be most tolerated by society.
I figured out that the world was not made for artists because the lens in which we view everything is not as society sees it.
I love intellectuals, I love philosophy, obviously art- and I love aesthetic.
I would sacrifice comfort for beauty.
Yet this is not conducive to being accepted into a particular social group outside the liberal framework.

Israel is not about me finding myself as some of you have said this to me.
Israel is about me returning to myself; my original self. I am embracing the Kara that I was for the first 25 years of my life. Today she is older and wiser, but she gave up a piece of herself that apparently never left- it was merely buried in survival coping mechanisms in order to function.

I love leftists.
I know that the term has become ugly and we now use the phrase- “regressives.”
The “regressive left” is a terminology used to describe those who have contaminated classical liberalism with an astonishing assbackwards interpretation of what it means to be open-minded and truly enlightened.
Historically liberals have been characterized as the following: forward thinking, progressive, innovative, creative, flexible, reformist, modern and permissive.


We are the philanthropists, the artists, the entertainers, authors, academics; we are the benevolent, charitable and altruistic people in society.

Like too much of any good thing when we swing the pendulum too far to the left we are seen as “bleeding hearts,” enablers, co-dependent and we are associated with the concept of “handouts” and everything being “free.”

We are blamed for crippling society financially because our economic plans are usually catastrophical. We are blamed for the existence of poverty, crime and addiction…         Quite frankly, I think these generalities contain much truth.

Yet if I can openly criticize something I just admitted to loving, then why would I align myself with them at all?

I cannot align myself, yet I can admit to what I am and what I am not.
I am a thinking human being who is capable of empathizing with my enemies.
I can think critically, objectively and if I go through several drafts and consult with a broad base of resources I can become dispassionate.

I judge each human being on the merit of their deeds and how they treat others.
There is no other criteria for me to discern another’s character.
Do I have opinions about Palestinian’s as a people? Yes, I have some generalizations.
Do I have any Palestinian friends or colleagues? Yes I do and that is because they have earned my trust. I see them as individuals because I have direct contact with human beings that I can attach names and faces to.
It is entirely thoughtless and lazy to assume a collective group of people is without a single merit among them.

Sadly, right wing and left wing Jews get angry with me. This is certainly understandable and I must take ownership of it. I do not fit into the cookie cutter mold of a right-winger or a left-winger.
When I rant or vent, I suppose I do sound right wing. Yet when I am sitting in a café with a professor or a colleague of mine; I slip into the most natural leftist you’ve ever seen. So am I a dichotomy? Am I duplicitous?
No. It’s called balance. It’s called not letting one single person, ideology, political candidate or groupthink- dictate to me my opinions.
I suppose that when you quit seeking the approval of others, it is easy to arrive at your own conclusions even if no one else sees something as you do.

I love my leftist Jews.
I disagree with my leftist Jews.
If you come across a leftist Jew who is an intolerant, easily offended, censoring, helicopteresque, micromanaging asstard- then you have met a regressive.
You have not met a liberal.
A regressive is not a liberal.
Do I think that the liberals have been hijacked? Yes I do.
Do I think they can salvage the remnant of what they once were in terms of the values of classical liberalism? No I don’t.
Why not?
Because no one is teaching true liberal ideology anymore.
Interestingly, the right has begun to adopt some of the principals of classical liberalism.
They are becoming more tolerant, desiring plurality, favoring egalitarianism and supporting freedom of speech in the context, which it was originally intended.

Are there right wing nuts? Yes, of course there are. There will always be forms of extremism in any ideology.
To be clear, I am not in any way referring to any nation, any political party or persons… But I am talking about my leftist Jews.

I am not going to save haters from themselves. I am not the savior of Jewish Voice for Peace or JStreet. I cannot rehabilitate Students for Justice in Palestine and I cannot reclaim Hebron for Israel nor the Temple Mount.

So what can I do? I can be Kara, I can hold her accountable and I can change myself from within- and just maybe someone will want to do the same for themself.

I believe every revolution has begun with a seed and that germ of an idea has always been in the possession of women.
Women will always be the catalyst to bring about revolution.
I want women to start taking the initiative to have dialogue- real conversations between Muslims and Jews. I want Palestinians and Israelis to come together as women and begin to wield their influence.
This is classical liberalism.
I am trying something new. I am talking to people who are nothing like me.
I will let you know how it goes.


About jewess

I am a Judaic Studies academic who loves all facets of Jewry. I am at my core and artistic being, as I am a classically trained pianist and composer. I love aesthetics and my dog. I am a misanthrope, but try to be kind to everyone.
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