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We need to talk about Hebron

 Hebron is the ancient city where our patriarchs and matriarchs are buried in the cave of Macpelah. This well known fact is documented in our most ancient textbook, the Torah. In Bereishit 23:9-20 we have a detailed account of how Abram purchased this piece of property for the burial of his wife Sarah.

Do yourself a favor and read about the Jewish massacre of 1929. Our Arab “friends” whom we coexisted with butchered the entire Jewish community while under British rule.

I met a woman who runs the Hebron museum, which is dedicated to educating people about the 1929 massacre. He father was murdered in his sleep not too long ago by an Arab. This is their reality- presently in 2016.

According to modern day resources, Hebron is a territory. It is divided into H1 and H2. This is a Palestinian controlled territory, I say this because they control 80% and Israel controls 20%.

There are a total of 215,452 Arabs living in both parts of H1 and H2. There are a mere 80 Jewish families, comprising approximately 1,000 people in H1.

For most people, if they search the Internet, they will read about how the alleged Palestinian people are very distraught over the constraints placed on them due to increased security measures, which include checkpoints, military presence and at times curfews.

I personally stood in this place yesterday. As I looked out upon the vast bustling Arab city, I was on the other side of a fence attending a 30-day marker memorial for a member of the tiny Jewish community. He was a beloved gardener and about my age. This individual was stabbed brutally by an Arab because he was a Jew.

Later that day when I went to Macpelah, I was informed that I was not allowed to see the cave of my ancestors because I am a Jew. However, if I were Muslim it would be okay.

The imposing structure is Herodian. When you look at it one ponders how has it remained untouched for all of these centuries? Herod of course was a master architect and much of what he built is still standing. Jerusalem stone is quite powerful. Even the Temple Mount and surrounding rocks are immovable because the size of the Jerusalem stone weighs so much, it would be inconvenient to remove it in any case.

I saw no evidence of oppression around me. I witnessed a bustling and thriving metropolis. It was huge, as far as my eyes could see. Yet that was on the Arab side. On the Jewish side, I saw run down structures, graffiti wars, and simple people, not militants. I saw people who simply want to raise their families in the Jewish homeland. They plant trees and grow food. They make olive oil and teach their children our traditions.

I saw a tiny Jewish sliver of space with IDF soldiers present in order to protect the Jews from being harassed, attacked, stabbed and murdered.

One week prior to my arrival a Jewish girl had been stabbed in the community as well. I did not find this anywhere on social media (obviously not in mainstream either).

So did the Jewish gardener have it coming to him since after all, this is a Jewish “settler”?

The Oslo Accords of 1997 drew up this H1, H2 concept. I heard a rumor that there is a waiting list of 10,000 who want to live in Hebron. It does not matter to me if this rumor is true or not. Israel fucked up. This concession and the Temple Mount were epic mistakes. What matters is this:

Hebron is the most important place for our people. It is in the hills of Judea. It is where our kingdom has existed for over 4,000 years and continued to under various foreign overlords throughout history. The tomb of the patriarchs and matriarchs is considered our second most holy site to the Kotel.

So we have lost the Temple Mount, the Tomb of Joseph, the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs… hmm. Anyone besides me see a pattern?

They hit us hard at our ancient sites because they know that these are irrefutable pieces of our identity. Jews tend to shy away from religious symbols because so many of us are secular Jews. We stand back and are idle. We do not move, we do not take action because it quite frankly messes with our head a little too much. As a result of Israel giving away pieces of our ancient identity and relinquished control of historic sites within Judaic antiquity- we loose a significant piece of our selves each time this occurs.

Here is what I propose:

I want a unified Israel. I want a unified Jewish people. I am not just speaking of Israeli Jews, but the diaspora as well. I assert that the unifying component in Judaism is the fact that we are an ancient, ethnocentric, cultic peoplehood from the land of Judea. All of these archeological sites and places have been enveloped in the trappings of an institutionalized religious Judaism.

Let’s agree on one thing- These artifacts and geographical locations are pieces of our heritage that prove we were here and they remind us of who we were and who we still are.

I want Israel to unite under the premise of this concept. I can sell it to the diaspora, can we sell it to the Knesset? Can we sell it to the UN, the EU? I have a better idea.

Let’s sell this to the Jewish people instead. I want to stop the in-fighting, the back-channeling, the dispute over whether or not it is acceptable for our people to live on their ancient ancestral land.

Hebron is the battleground. I want Israel to prioritize our rights first and this should be it. I want Israel to go to the mat over Hebron. Hebron is everything. Hebron is the beginning.

Maya Angelou once said that when someone shows you who you are, believe them the first time.

When the Arabs/Palestinians say they want to kill us- we should believe them… The first time.

I want the Israel of 1967. The world watched in wonder during the Six-Day-War and this is because the Jewish state demonstrated resolve. This is what people respect. Nations do not respect the political correctness of diplomacy. Nations do not respect giving up your geographical origins of your peoplehood in order to make fake peace with a group of people who want to kill you. This has created an ongoing obstacle to peace in the region for 70-years. It is not going to improve because swapping land for peace has never worked here.

If Israel would come to terms with her identity as the Jewish people of Judea and unite under this premise of identity, then Israel would hopefully have the guts to return to the better version of herself.

Indeed Jewishness is a multi-faceted peoplehood. We are a race, we have our own history, language, food, music, and yes- a religion, but that is not what unilaterally defines us. We are defined by a multitude of aspects. Israel can and should get behind this concept and quickly.

The world perhaps will one day admire Israel and cheer her on, but that is only when she shows resolve and puts her people first. Sadly, such a scenario is only acceptable when the Jewish state is facing annihilation.

If Israel’s existence is threatened by warfare, then she will once again have to demonstrate her power, strength and the priority that protecting Jewish life trumps political correctness and is more important than a fake peace partner.

By the way, in Hebron those alleged Palestinians are Hamas voting. Just thought you needed to hear that too.










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    Thanks for sharing this with us. It is so important for us to understand our history and our attachment to our native ancestral homeland.

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