Divisiveness- A tendency to cause disagreement or hostility between people: transparency will enhance development rather than social divisiveness.


 The above definition was taken from the built in dictionary on my Mac Book Air.

Air, there’s a word. Divisive individuals suck the air out of a room, out of a thread discussion or a lively debate. Divisive people send the sane running and the appeasers in a downward spiral, circle jerk-off.

Divisiveness ultimately results in a divide and conquer outcome. Divisiveness is the opposite of unity. Jews do not have the luxury of indulging divisiveness on any level for any length of time. Divisiveness adds life to turmoil and subtracts time from productive actions of merit. Divisiveness is a staller of deeds and a preemptive strike to quash success because it inhibits the ability for people to come together.

Zionist ideology like any organized political faction, such as an organization or a board of directors in a corporate construct will be self-defeating if they participate in divisiveness.

* Giving a platform to the divider is mistake number one.

* Explaining the said divider to its constituents is mistake number two.

* Excusing the divider and giving them multiple chances to be brought into the tent

of unity is mistake number three.

* Negotiating with the divider is mistake number four.

Are all divisive individuals bad? No, some are in fact rather descent. Most put their own opinions above the goals of the group and they tend to dominate others by hi-jacking objectives of a group’s mission or vision.

I once had an employee who was extremely competent, but I noticed she was not getting her work done and so I pressed her for a reason. She showed me a laundry list of emails she had received from a member of our organization and the content was relevant, but a distraction to the ability for the organization to function properly. One cannot stay focused and optimize efficacy if they are constantly being pulled into the ring with a large mouth. Additionally resources will be diverted and split up so that effort will not go towards the task at hand, rather it will be used for the purpose of arguing and endlessly discussing whatever is on the agenda for the divider.

I not only told my employee to not respond to this particular member, but I eventually had to block this person’s email address from the organization. The rest of my board was instructed to block the disrupter’s email address as well. This of course was after wasting a good year of our lives trying to reason with said person.

I shut it down and everyone was thankful.

Of course this person continued to do what they do, but at least we were able to continue to do what we do…

My advice to the Zionist community is this:

You know who the divisive people are. Remedy it now. Do not participate. Do not give them a microphone. Do not respond. Do not engage. Identify ways to be productive and keep moving forward. Do not gossip about them and do not complain about them. Stop talking about them because every minute you spend discussing them is one more minute of your life that has been sucked away when you could have done something good in that moment to better the Zionist community.




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