Is Breaking the Silence a necessary evil for Israel?

This blog is dedicated to the Times of Israel and Haaretz.

From a purely objective standpoint, if we view this information as an educational tool for the general public then we must be willing to acknowledge a few critical aspects:

To what extent should a government be willing to protect their own from their neighbors who live within the same geographic area?

The report itself in some ways is an unfair exploitation of military activity because it is not civilian activity. Civilians who are not military are never going to grasp what that moment is like when you are standing in an alley where a child is holding a weapon and is about to kill you. The exchange takes seconds, not minutes.

Civilians abuse the luxury to put on their “I am a self-proclaimed expert” hat and tear apart the actions of those who are there to protect THEM.

I am strongly persuaded that Breaking the Silence is an inappropriate presentation for the wrong audience. I am not saying that the IDF is flawless in their execution of orders and policies. I am not saying that the civilian population should be ignorant to the standard of care, which their own military is required to provide.

I am saying that Israel is hated by the world and even some of its own citizens. The international community deals with Israel on a unique level comprised of double standards and an irrational obsession with everything they do or do not do.

How heavy handed should one be when your neighbors want to kill you?

What is the litmus test for crossing the line of necessary force versus excessive brutality?

What do you think would happen if the IDF did not conduct the types of military operations on a daily basis in the territories mentioned in Breaking the Silence? Why is it surprising that some of these soldiers gave grim accounts and did not enjoy many of the tasks they were and are required to perform? The fact that civilians find so much of the information appalling makes one thing quite clear:

It is that the fact that if you have never had to wield a weapon, defend your country, work in law enforcement or even been the victim of a violent attack where you had to defend yourself or a loved one, then of course you are going to be extraordinarily uncomfortable with the information produced in these findings.

It is as bad to watch a film like American Sniper. It is disturbing to take a life, to destroy a building or a site that is identified as a place of illegal or terrorist operative activity. Of course the IDF is not going to enjoy following such orders. No reasonable thinking human being would take delight in such activities. Indeed, we have heard and read about PTSD in military personnel. We have learned that military service comes at great personal cost to the individuals psyche and emotional stability.

Guess what? It is ugly and brutal. Yet if being nice and friendly, polite and communicative worked, then none of these military measures would need to exist in the first place.

When someone wants to harm you, it means they are not interested in having a conversation with you anymore. If it were not for the IDF, there would be no Israel.

Do you understand this? I do not care if you do not like the “occupation”- that alleged occupation, (which it is not, but that is a matter of dispute that will never end) is keeping you alive right now.

In your self-righteous arrogance you think there is a better way. You truly believe that Israel deserves to be put under a microscope so that people who are in physical danger every day can complain, ridicule and disrespect the protection they receive. I see no gratitude in a tireless, merciless battle for YOUR lives.

If the alleged Palestinians had accepted the Jewish State, acknowledge it and said, “yes we will coexist” (like any civilized reasonable thinking persons) none of what we have seen over the many decades would have taken place.

How does one fail to see what is blatantly staring at them in the face everyday? Israel has given up so much land for peace (which bites them in the ass every time and yes- that is my biggest criticism of Israel) that there is NO buffer zone.

In my original draft I made a typo, which said: “Israel has given up so much peace for land.” Perhaps I should have left the error in tact?

Picture this: Your enemy who wants to kill you and lives next to you. They do not live a hundred miles away or 5 miles away. They can touch you; they can get to you at any time day or night. Just ponder that for a moment…

Dear Israel, what do you think the IDF gets out of doing this? What do you think the end game was for clearing out Gaza? It is really simple, so simple that it escapes our highly sophisticated intellect. The entire point was to rid any potential threat to YOU. The IDF is not above mistakes, so why kick them when they are down when they are all YOU have? This is all about YOU, not the IDF.

Who else is going to protect YOU? According to history, the answer would be- no one. No one gives a shit about you, not in the diaspora, not in the U.S. – you have been thrown under the bus time and again by the international community. Do you know why? It is because you are Jewish.

Thanks Haaretz and The Times of Israel for only emboldening anti-Israel propaganda.

The state itself exists because Jews historically could not go anywhere and be guaranteed protection the way Israel has committed itself, its military and resources to YOU. What a thankless job…

To top it all off the Breaking the Silence Facebook page has over 200,000 likes. Even more disturbing is that bloggers from the Times of Israel and Haaretz think that this report is necessary for distribution. Their reasoning is free speech… Hmm.

FREE SPEECH DOES HAVE A LIMIT. The line is drawn at slander and libel… Yet the people of Israel advocate for Breaking the Silence in the name of free speech without considering what it in fact really is.

Is it about being a liberal democracy or is it about protecting your country so you all don’t die?

Sorry, they still hate you because you are Jewish. It does not matter if you look liberal, hip and open-minded by promulgating the slander of your own military.

This is not about the content of Breaking the Silence. This is about not supporting your own military when they are all that stands between you and certain death.

Of course Israel will allow all 3,000 of you to protest in Tel Aviv.The free speech issue has been taken out of context and misunderstood as the right to promote dangerous speech that harms. If you want to hurt your own security forces, guess what, it puts YOU in danger.

This is not about free speech. If you think it is, then you have missed the point. I hope the protest is satisfying because you are literally tearing away at the fabric of those who put their lives on the line for YOU.

What is the outcome of Breaking the Silence? Going forward, always ask yourself the following when a report, a study or a survey is conducted: WHO IS PAYING FOR IT?


Some Israelis do not care to ask those questions. More over, some do not care what the answers are. They are more interested in bitching, whining and perpetuating speech that harms Israel. Everybody is doing it, right?

Guess what dumbasses? If it hurts Israel, it ultimately hurts YOU because YOU ARE ISRAEL.

I did not write a blog to prove that there are parts that are unverifiable in the Breaking the Silence report. I did not write this blog to discredit the board of directors and expose what types of anti-Israel propaganda they are engaged in.

I did not write this blog to uncover the poorly executed project and its failure to show a shred of merit that would actually be of some benefit.

I leave all of the research and fact finding to you. Yet you will not do that will you? You know why? Because you believe what you read, you believe what you are told and you think that criticizing Israel makes you a better Israeli. Even when at the end of the day- ruthless, violent atrocities occur as a result of the root source.

This source is the unbreakable will that Palestinians are taught. It is the ideology that YOU-Israelis do not belong, 1948 was a fault and YOU are bad people for being there. You too have drunk the glorification of victimhood cocktail that alleged Palestinians have drunk. You see your own people as occupiers.

All of this despite that fact that our peoplehood who has an indigenous origin to that land that is archeologically, historiographically and scientifically proven to be the true indigenous people (I am speaking in a strictly secular context, not religious), which have returned to their place of origin- you still think of us as occupiers because that’s what you’ve been told.

Why am I brining this up now when the report is over a year old? It is because the Knesset did the right thing in not approving it to be taught to children in schools.

Yet, they are called right wing like it is an ugly term. When will the world understand that security and protection are not right-wing/left-wing issues?

Safety is about getting to go home. Period.  img_0088

And by the way, if one were to lobby for this material be taught to children, why not present BOTH sides of the argument? Hmm?

I did find opposition, but where is it where it counts? I found a piece in JPost, Algemeiner and Honest Reporting, but not Haaretz or The Times of Israel. Maybe I missed it or could not find it. Or maybe it is there, yet not prominently.

Even here in the West when I see police officers at the entrance to my synagogue, I say “thank you for being here today.” I do not know what kind of human he is, but he is here to protect me. That is good enough and he deserves my respect, not my unabashed naïve criticism of his profession, let alone the dark side of his duties which in the end, save my life whether I approve of his method or not.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  My ass… The ones who feed will be biting you.


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  1. Marika says:

    Bravo 1Jewess for such a refreshingly honest and heartfelt piece!

  2. jewess says:

    My pleasure 🙂

  3. Andrew Popik says:

    Or is dealing with the mishigas part of the obligations put on us by being part of the Chosen People? As I am sure you know it doesn’t bestow special privilege, but special obligation.

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