Why I loathe Jewish Voice for Peace and Why You Should Too


Jews, DNA, siblings, history, collective memory…

If my parents said to me, “Yael, we are going to cut off your sister because we do not approve of her actions nor her lifestyle and so we are going to punish her, shun her and withhold our love and support from her.” I would think my parents were not good parents.

Sure, there is this thing called “tough love” that you hear about when a parent learns their child is a heroin addict and they are destroying everything around them, including themselves. Yet, that is not what is happening, is it?

Israel is the Jewish state. I am speaking to all diaspora Jews. If you are not a Jew, this message is not for you. I am speaking strictly as family now to each of you.

There are some 25 Arab States, what is wrong with there being 1 Jewish state- if not to ensure the safety and protection for world Jewry since no other country in history has ever promised that to us collectively.

You know our history, you know what we have lived through and yet somehow you justify that it is a good idea to kick her when she is down, to demonize her when she defends herself against terror. You feel entitled to lecture her on her actions when you do not yourself live there. You think it is morally superior to tell her that she is wrong and you are right- when you have not walked in her shoes.

Enough with the punishment already.

Stop openly criticizing Israel. Why, because the rest of the world does it for us. She has enough enemies without her own family ganging up on her and shaming her, judging her, telling her enemies what a bad and horrible person she is.

Do you not understand that the purpose of family is to stick together when people are against us- not joining them?

Blood is thicker than water they say… is it? Really? Apparently the Jewish blood that has been spilled is of no consequence to diaspora Jews who live in the luxury absent of Middle East neighbors who threaten your boarders. The blood of Jews is not valuable enough to defend in America because we just have it too damn good here.

We don’t have to sign up with the IDF. We do not have to go over there…

We hate the Orthodox Rabbinate here in America. We hate the pictures of dead Palestinian children. We hate how Israel flaunts her sexy Tel Aviv beaches, her technological advancements, her wealth, her “we’re the only democracy in the ME” attitude.

We think she is a bully and she is heavy handed towards the poor Palestinians. We hate the settlers who took land away and who built a wall around Gaza creating an apartheid desolate wasteland. We hate Israel, don’t we?

Oh, no. Not really… We just don’t approve of her lifestyle or her actions. We think it is our place to put political pressure on her to stop her reckless behavior.

Let me ask you something? If a country attempted to insert themselves into American policy and lecture us from thousands of miles away- and use funding as a weapon to threaten us- how would you feel? Also try to imagine that the United States is the size of New Jersey and surrounded by nations who want to destroy her.

How would you feel if your parents decided to show favoritism to one child and discriminate against the other all because they wanted to teach them a lesson?

And what is that lesson exactly?

Is the West the one to teach Israel about stealing land from indigenous people? (American Indians)

1JewessIs the West the one to teach Israel about violence and being heavy handed with enemies? (POW’s)

Is the West the one to teach Israel about how they should treat prisoners? (Guantanamo)

Is the West the one to teach Israel about how they should restrain themselves against knife wielding terrorists in the streets who only want to kill Jews because they are Jews?

Oh, you think it’s about being oppressed or about land? Is it a Western value to commit murder because you think you are oppressed? What would the United States government do if suddenly there were an uprising of African Americans or Hispanics here- that took to the streets and started knifing white people to death in the name of “oppression?”

I think we know precisely what our law enforcement would and should do if such a violent threat were to erupt on U.S. soil.

Dear Jewish family, what do you think Israel wants? What do you think is Israel’s end game?

I will tell you. They don’t want shit. They want nothing from you or anyone else. They want to be left alone in peace. They just want to be Jews. So how’s about you do your Jewish family a favor?

Leave Israel alone. If you will not work to comprehend what her struggle is, if you will not go there and live yourself day in and day out, if you will not join the IDF, if you will not be their family, then I suggest you do the only dignified and righteous thing- shut up and back off.

Jewish Voice for Peace is an oxymoron on its face. JVP is a vile, disgusting machine of propaganda, self-righteous, self indulgent, self-important Jews who think they know what’s best for Israel. They have determined that punishing her is noble and great. They justify their actions against the Jewish state to satisfy some strange notion that they are morally correct and Israel is morally wrong.

JVP will be what destroys the one and only Jewish state. Not ISIS, not Hamas, not the UN, not BDS (nice try assholes), not the EU- It will be JVP. Diaspora Jews are Israel’s worst enemy- not the Palestinians. It is us, their own family, their own DNA. We have turned against her just like Cain and Abel, just like Jacob and Esau… yes it is a theme and yes history repeats itself…

But guess what JVP; I am not going to let you win. I am not going to sit back and allow you to indoctrinate Jews with your divisive tactics that will lead to nothing more than Israel’s destruction.

Any Jew who supports JVP is an abomination to the Jewish peoplehood. You are an ugly stain on the history of Jewry and you will be remembered as such. You will not be remembered as heroes or making a difference in the world. You will be known as haughty, proud, groups of diaspora Jews who took down our homeland. You will be hated, you will be scorned and then you will be forgotten forever. No one will remember you existed.

You know why? Because Israel is stronger than you. Israel will outlive you. Israel is better than you and she has been doing it longer than you. Israel is forever and she is just getting started. You have a shelf life and I am here to expedite that shelf life as quickly as possible.

If you are not for Israel, you are against Israel. If you support JVP, J Street or any attempt to voice slander, libel, hate, anti-propaganda and most of all… If you are an anti-Zionist, you are the real enemy. You represent 400 years of slavery in Egypt and that percentage who wanted to go back there after our exodus.

You are the Israelites of Babylon who didn’t want to return after we were liberated and permitted to rebuild our Temple.

You are the Jews who looked the other way when European Jewry was being extinguished. You are the Jews who converted during the Inquisition. You are the Jews who immigrated to the U.S. and assimilated because you are cowards, you are filled with fear and that fear makes you hate Israel.

Israel is all that you could not be. Israel is all that you wish you were, but will never have the courage to embrace. Israel is what your ancestors died for. Most of you have family who were murdered in the Shoah. How would they feel about you today? How would your grandparents feel, knowing that their death in the gas chambers is being exchanged for a BDS movement against the one place where they could have been safe and lived out their lives.

You may be Jewish by DNA, but you are rather bad Jews indeed. You have drunk the leftist Kool-Aid. You have marched to the pied piper of anti-Semitism in the name of restraint, social justice and equality. You know nothing of this terminology.

I speak to you today as the daughter of Jewish anti-Semites. I am proud to be Jewish, but my father sits with contempt for the Jewish state. He loathes all of Israel. Sure he has his reasons of moral superiority, a belief that he is right and I am mistaken. My family was left behind and those who came here to the U.S. wanted to sweep their memory under the rug. It was a dirty family secret. No one was ever supposed to learn the truth. But I did, I went digging and I have been digging for years. I don’t give a damn if I am the only Jew left in my family. I will be that one Jew. I will stand-alone and not flinch at my father’s hatred for me. How very Jewish indeed for family to work against the other. How very Jewish to hurt and deceive your family all in the guise of righteous indignation; cloaked in a perception of reality that is baseless.

JVP disrespects the culture, identity, struggle and history of Israel. JVP is the stain of American Jewry that no amount of sacrifice can forgive nor forget.


About jewess

I am a Judaic Studies academic who loves all facets of Jewry. I am at my core and artistic being, as I am a classically trained pianist and composer. I love aesthetics and my dog. I am a misanthrope, but try to be kind to everyone.
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36 Responses to Why I loathe Jewish Voice for Peace and Why You Should Too

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  2. Shimon Nathan says:

    I am now a fan.

  3. Charles Polák says:

    Here in Britain, I, son of a Czech Jewish father and a Czech non-Jewish mother, am very much NOT Jewish. British Jews tend to be proud that their only criterion of who’s Jewish is Halacha. When I say that in our “Old Country”, a family with a Jewish name and a socially active Jewish father would be regarded by everybody as a Jewish family, people say acerbically, “Yes, that’s how the Nazis worked”. I’ve also had it asserted, even by young students, “But you’re *simply* not Jewish!”, or “I would never have thought you had anything at all to do with us Jews”.

    The fact is that – with a father who talked about his Jewish family, Shoah martyrs all except his divorced mother who had preceded him to England during World War II, and his own Jewishness, several times every day – I have felt part of the Jewish people all my life. Karma is not a Jewish concept, but I accept that I must have done something wrong in either a previous life or early in my present life, that my father (even more his survivor-mother) had banned my mother from converting, and insisted that I should live “gratefully” as the “English Christian gentleman” they had wanted to make me; and have never been in any position to convert myself or to visit Israel, even after my father’s death.

    Instead, I have made it my task to understand Judaism, as manifest in the world and in its literature, and think myself in the place both of Jews like my grandfather and my aunt and her little children, and my father’s beloved uncles and aunts, who paid the ultimate price; and of living Jews allowed to experience a Jewish spirituality – to read and understand the weekly parasha, to daven with Kavvana, to say Brachot over a hundred phenomena a day.

    If this may be permitted to me: Jews who are not immensely grateful and happy that a Jewish country exists, on its ancient land, that a Jewish spiritual and cultural renaissance has taken place there and in a re-invigorated diaspora – even in our old country, where I am again owner and custodian of the villa once owned by my grandfather’s brothers and sister in a historic small city – and instead join Gentiles who were merely waiting for a moment when the antisemitism they had hidden deeply in their heart could again be given its full expression, or even Gentiles who were always obviously murderous antisemites, in condemning the world’s only Jewish country and those Jews of the diaspora who maintain towards it an honorable loyalty – they DISGUST me.

  4. Lynne Marton says:

    Kol Ha Kovod!!!! I totally agree with everything you wrote.
    My rant is purely personal, not historical.
    I see the articles posted by J Street and JVP – I want to retch. All these groups are such traitors to our heritage – and to all that have perished so that we COULD have a home to call our own. The ex-PM of Canada, Stephen Harper, had it right and he was the only one that really got it. He stood, and as far as I know, still stands with Israel – because it is the right thing to do, and was a Great Defender of ours. JT, the new PM, is killing this country and in turn will kill all the good that Harper had done to work for Israel. But I digress.
    Life for us, Israel, has not been easy – at any time. The people that should be standing with us, in the Diaspora, are not. The Media has taken it upon themselves to be the purveyors of lies and twisted propaganda aimed solely at delegitimising and destroying Israel, and people just eat up that garbage like it was candy!! They are abetted by those groups, and even our own people, whose goal is the destruction of our Home – the State of Israel – even though they profess to love her. The hypocrisy is astounding – I don’t think they have ever heard how totally insane they sound.
    Thank G_D, my family was not that way. No, they were not happy when I decided, with my family years ago to make Aliyah. I am an only child and had the only 2 grandchildren my parents would have and was moving them halfway around the world, but they DID understand how much Israel, our Home, meant to me. When I had to return here to Canada – due to family situation, it broke my heart, but I have always wanted to return Home – and now, after all these years, I am finally making my plans to do so.
    To hear these self-righteous JINOs spew their venomous lies really makes me angry. How can they presume to know anything when so many of them have never even set foot in Israel – yet sit as judge and jury – with their “holier-than-thou” attitudes.
    I need a Home to go back to – and THEY – those anti-semitic, self-righteous, JINOs are doing everything to take that away from me!!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rant over…..for now

  5. Luba says:

    Thank you!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! This ‘rant’….your powerful ardor of emotions went straight to my soul. I’m so proud to call you my friend. ❤️

  6. Ron Bier says:

    Brilliant piece. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Jewess Blog, you give me hope,which is something I’ve been craving for a long long time

  7. Ron Bier says:

    You sound like a wonderful person. I would be honored to know you.

  8. Mitch Feintuch says:

    Your rant is beautiful but I feel you have one mistake. JVP will not be the downfall of Israel. Israel is a proud great country with more inner strength and purpose than almost any other country. The JVP represents the very essence of those Jews who have embraced the centuries old libels and canards against their own people to gain acceptance from those very people that have hated Jews since time immemorial. It is a thinking of negation vs. affirmation. It is the thinking that makes them irrelevant. The same thinking that has made millions of Jews disappear in a whisper of assimilation. We are strong beautiful nation and have and always will thrive. May you be blessed.

  9. Pini Littman says:

    Right On!

  10. Maxicat says:

    Thank you 1Jewess for such a heartfelt and beautifully written piece. On behalf of my family, all proud Zionists, that perished in the Shoah, I believe you have honoured their memories. Bless your heart, keep up the good work!

  11. May HaShem continue to give you the strength, provision and protection to continue to endure. May the memory of all Jews who died waiting to come home be remembered and honored through articles like this of those who love their ethnic heritage and their homeland. AM Yisrael Chai!

  12. Steven Bell says:

    friends don’t let friends drive drunk especially when it’s your car

  13. JP says:

    No. Israelnhas to grow up.

  14. Fred Maroun says:

    I read despite the disclaimer “If you are not a Jew, this message is not for you”, and I am glad I did. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and especially your feelings.

  15. SA says:

    I just read this and I want to say, it is not a rant. It is a treatise. I say this because unlike a rant, it is totally coherent and well-developed. It expresses so many of my own thoughts about these Jewish turncoats. Everyone looks down on a traitor, yet these traitors double their crime by adding self-righteousness and their self-perceived moral superiority to the mix. I see them as the spiritual descendants of the kapos, and the mityavanim (Jews who allied themselves with the Greeks during the time of Chanuka). As a matter of fact, we are experiencing the Chanuka story again, but you and I and others like us stand strong with Am Yisrael and we will not let them win! Your own story is so inspiring and it gives me hope that even these misguided JVPers will return to where they belong. I daven (pray) for them regularly and our G-d always listens. Yasher Koach on this powerful piece.

  16. Andrew Goldstein says:

    This is one of the most inane pieces of writing I have ever read. Perhaps you should stick to the piano.

  17. Andrew Goldstein says:

    What an ugly, inane rant, figures you’d like it, Mitch.

  18. “There are some 25 Arab States, what is wrong with there being 1 Jewish state.” This has to be one of the lamest excuses for stealing someone else’s land – might as well say there are 50 US states, so we’re going to give Rhode Island to the Syrian refugees.

  19. jewess says:

    Toda raba Jewel Archer!

  20. jewess says:

    You are quite welcome Maxicat 🙂

  21. jewess says:

    Thank you Mitch. I appreciate your remarks.

  22. jewess says:

    Thank you Ron. 1jewess has a public page on Facebook. 🙂

  23. jewess says:

    You are rather welcome Lynne!!!

  24. jewess says:

    Charles, I am very moved by your comment. I wanna put it on my Facebook wall. Only with your permission.

  25. “Dear Jewish family, what do you think Israel wants? What do you think is Israel’s end game?”

    The answer to your question is as much land with as few Arabs as possible. That is why Israel has been ethnically cleansing the population since 1947. Do you support ethnic cleansing? Do you support white phosphorus bombs being used on innocent civilians? And just what give Israel the right to deprive millions of innocent human beings of their basic human rights?

  26. Charles Polák says:

    Yes, of course. I am very honoured.

  27. Fred Maroun says:

    That analogy would make sense if Syrians had a continuous presence in Rhodes Island for over 3000 years. I guess you slept through history class; didn’t you?

  28. “Also try to imagine that the United States is the size of New Jersey and surrounded by nations who want to destroy her.”

    This is just drivel. Israel is not surrounded by countries that want to destroy her, let alone have the capacity to even threaten Israel. Israel has a peace treaty with Egypt and Jordan. So much for being surrounded by countries that want to destroy her. Israel also borders Saudi Arabia to some extent, and they are quiet allies. That leaves Syria, a non-existent state for some time now, and Lebanon, which Israel has destroyed twice, and which has no capacity to threaten Israel in any way.

    Try doing a little thinking and research before you write things down and prove to the world that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  29. Fred Maroun says:

    Showing your poor knowledge of history yet again. During the war of 1947/1948, Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem were ethnically cleansed of all Jews. All Arab countries were also ethnically cleansed of Jews during that war and in the years that followed. Yet Arabs remained in Israel, and they constitute about 20 percent of the Israeli population today. Nice try genius. Maybe you should stick to knitting.

  30. Fred Maroun says:

    Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, do you know anything about history? Anything at all? The only reason Israel is not threatened by some of its immediate neighbors today is that it is strong and it had to fight several wars against them. Despite that it is still threatened by Gaza and Lebanon, with the support of Iran which is also a threat. Did I mention knitting as a hobby? You might do well with knitting.

  31. Fred Maroun says:

    No, I think you should stick to knitting.

  32. jewess says:

    Our friend has an email… akglaw2@gmail.com Apparently he is an attorney in Boston who loves JVP and is comfortable in his anti-Semitic beliefs.

  33. Joel S. Gehrke, Sr. (@jsgehrke) says:

    Everything Andrew said is true, Fred Maroun. Why do you guys have to issue gratuitous insults to each other?

  34. jewess says:

    Did you read the JVP blog?

  35. Sarah says:

    ah, the ad-hominem attack — the last resort of the incoherent.

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