Why should Israel be responsible for African immigrants seeking asylum when they are already in the most complex political situation of any country?

Why should Israel be responsible for African immigrants seeking asylum when they are already in the most complex political situation of any country?

With what resources would Israel have access in order to accommodate 60,000 people, mostly males who have no familial connection to Israel or otherwise?

How can a reasonable person justify that a country, regardless of whether or not they are in a constant state of military conflict, war or struggle for their own survival- is required to take 60,000 people who are not their responsibility?

It is also worth remarking that of all the countries these African asylum seekers could choose. They choose Israel.

Does this not fly in the face of Israel’s critics who call her “apartheid,” “racist,” or a fascist regime?” If these allegations were true, no one would desire to come to Israel, particularly for the purpose to seek asylum.

The more important question is that these Africans are Muslim and so why not go to one of the approximate 25 Arab nations that are in fact Islamic countries? It would make sense, no?

Yet they choose Israel. The tiny Jewish state surrounded on all sides by her enemies. Yet they choose Israel.

She is targeted by the media, the Western world and the entire Middle East in an ongoing campaign to defame, slander and perpetuate lies against the one democracy in the region. Yet they choose Israel.

Perhaps these 60,000 African Muslims know this? Perhaps they are hoping that based on evidence of how restrained they are against their enemies, the Israeli government will have sympathy and take them in? Perhaps Israel’s reputation proceeds itself in the darkest of places like Sudan, Darfur…?

Indeed, the fact that an African male seeking political asylum would rather face the IDF rather than their own government says something that the Palestinians will never say, let alone the international community, nor the Arab Israeli citizens themselves. African’s from Sudan know that the Arab Israeli’s have a good deal going on.

Today however, Arab Israelis are standing in solidarity with Muslim extremists and terrorists. To be clear, I am not saying all 2 million Arab Israeli citizens want to kill Jews. Yet there are a growing number of them, who are biting the hand that feeds them because the true face of radical, religious Islam is rearing its ugly head. They are doing this without realizing what their plight would be if they were not Arab Israeli citizens, but residing elsewhere in the Middle East. I am certain these 60,000 African Muslims would gladly exchange places with these Arab Israeli citizens at any point.

The truth of this scenario is that the only place Israel can reasonably put these asylum seekers is a collection of areas in the Negev with checkpoints. The Israeli government has agreed to allow them to remain for one year. Israel will give them some $3,000 to return to Africa. However, they do not want this option because they ultimately want to stay in Israel permanently. They want to work, become educated and become Israeli.

So why not allow it? Why not allow 60,000 African Muslims?

Imagine if you will New Jersey and a population density of 8 million Jews who are citizens of the Jewish state and another 2 million Arabs who are citizens of the Jewish state. What are another 60,000 people going to matter?

Islam matters. When you have internal factions calling for knife wielding hateful murderers who justify the killing of Jews, 60,000 Muslim are a problem.

What if the 60,000 African Muslims are peaceful? What is the litmus test for peaceful?

Are you peaceful if the following are true?

  • You hate me because I am a Jew, you personally would not stab me, but if I am stabbed, you will look the other way. Is that peaceful?
  • You do not hate me despite the fact I am a Jew, yet you teach your children that Allah has prescribed a certain law, a code, a pre-defined definition of right and wrong. Due to the fact that I am Jewish, I am not living according to what you are teaching your children is morally correct, thus I am an infidel. If something bad happens to me, how very sad because after all, it is probably because I am a Jew. Is that peaceful?

Those 60,000 African Muslims will quickly become 600,000.

This is the responsibility of the Islamic community.

I place all Muslim refugees and asylum seekers at the feet of their own people and governments. When will the world begin to hold these nations responsible for their actions, rather than pawning them off on other non-Muslim countries?

This is the worst case of co-dependent, enabling, addict behavior I’ve ever seen.

The UN needs a 12-step program… they are in bed with a global heroin addict.

It is not racist for the Jewish state to be called the Jewish state any more than it is for any nation in Africa to be called African. There are always minority populations and other cultural demographics represented in any civilization. This is not unique in any way.

The United States of America is a mosaic of every imaginable culture and ethnicity, yet no American citizen would vie for the nation, its national anthem, or any component in American life to be re-phrased or re-interpreted in order to reflect the presence of another peoplehood. It is specifically in our constitution, various statues and laws, which protect minorities. It is woven into the fabric of our daily existence to co-habitate. But yes, we all call ourselves American.

This is not about culture or ethnicity. It is about nationality.

There is nothing racist about there being one Jewish state on the face of the planet. This state has faced annihilation since its inception. It has faced the threat of destruction since ancient times prior to the existence of Western civilization.

The instinct to survive is primal indeed. If the Jewish state is going to survive, she must be willing to do everything within her power to protect that, which exists. She must do what ever is necessary to prevent any threat to her presence.

If it seems elitist, racist, or Zio-chauvanistc to exercise measures to ensure the survival of a Jewish state, then consider this:

There has never been a place on earth where Jews were guaranteed safety and protection, specifically as Jews. Such a luxury was not obtained for us until the creation of the Jewish state. We are the minority of the world. We only comprise 0.2% of the population. Israel exists so that worldwide Jewry will have a place to go. The Jewish people have merely returned to their homeland and only ask for one simple thing:

Leave us alone. Just let us be Jewish in peace.


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