Will Use Necessary Deadly Force

IMG_0088Will Use Necessary Deadly Force

 I am from the Midwest. The common legal definition for “Deadly force” means any force that carries a substantial risk that it will proximately result in the death of any person. Additionally, “Physical harm to persons” means any injury, illness, or other physiological impairment, regardless of its gravity or duration.

For all of my Jewish friends who are Palestinian martyr sympathizers, or you think Israel is too heavy handed- I’m going to give you a lesson in self-defense 101. To be clear- this blog is not about why Palestinians stab. This piece is not about whether or not they are being occupied, settled, oppressed or disrespected.

This piece is about why it is okay to use necessary deadly force.

Here we go:

It’s all about getting to go home.

At the end of the day, whether you are returning from work, school or any activity; every person deserves to go home.

If an individual interferes with your ability to go home, this will have a domino effect of great consequence and will be far reaching.

If someone stabs, rapes, mugs, causes me bodily harm, disfigurement, a concussion, hospitalization, psychiatric life changing trauma or murder; my family and everyone who knows me will be harmed. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, colleague and friend. All of these people rely on me and they need me. These individuals care for me and their lives would forever be changed if I were to be severely damaged or dead.

It is for this reason, that I have a responsibility to them, not just to myself. I must protect myself out of love for those who would suffer greatly if I am incapacitated or no longer exist. Therefore, if you attempt to destroy me, you will be met with necessary deadly force.

It is that simple. When you place the idea of shooting a person who takes out a knife to stab you (In Israel or the U.S., anywhere for that matter) in the context of doing it out of love- this changes everything.

I could end the blog right now. There is nothing else to say because all you need is love in the forefront of your mind. This ideology is what should motivate any person to feel secure in the right to defend his or her own life.

As Jews, we are being targeted, which of course is nothing new. However, I feel strongly that each and every Jews should learn and master self-defense techniques.

As far as carrying a weapon goes, that is a rather personal choice and I am not here to blog on gun control. The only definitive statement I will make is the following:

* Do not own a gun unless you are willing to practice and master the skill-set.

* Do not own a gun unless you are willing to take a certified class in your state where you are legally permitted to have it through a proper license.

* Do not own a gun if you are not willing to shoot a person for the purpose of self-defense.

I “will use necessary deadly force” because all you need is love. Israel is still here because they understand that loving Israel, means protecting her.


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