Just one reason I’m anti censorship


tumblr filled an important void in our culture and it’s tragic that it has succumbed to a one- size-fits-all solution.

An image of my dog at the beach was flagged as NSFW or inappropriate. You can’t use AI or bots to police images.

My favorite art history blog featuring 18th century through 20th century artists including sculpture and nudge forms is being destroyed.

It’s an adult site for adults. The content is adult and audience is adult. Just because tumblr wouldn’t properly and quickly handle the communities complaints about child pornography and under age users, doesn’t mean we should all be collectively punished.

This is a sad time for democracy.

A sad time for freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

A sad time for the world.

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FUCK YES- there are balanced non-myopic people in Israel!


Praise this woman and her spouse! Fuck the trolls, haters, censorship, thinned skin cunts. This woman understands Jewish values better than any Jews I know. She’s more Israeli than all of us as far as I’m concerned.

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American Jews are still Jews. Full stop.


it’s not only ok to be a Hellenized Jew, but that’s what makes us great. 4,000 of Jewishness in all its shapes, cultures and conflicts. That’s Jewish!

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The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram

The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram
— Read on www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/06/20/style/instagram-grandmas.amp.html

SHOUT OUT to all the ladies over 60 who have more sophistication than these 30-something chubby, wishful yoga bitches with zero sense of aesthetic AND are classically sexy. They are dignified, badass, give not one fuck and are too cool to be bothered with this third wave anti feminist bullshit. Go.

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Use of Facebook contributes to depression and anxiety… bah. That’s nothing.


Facebook is a hate fest. Group think, mob mentality, sheep, people who just talk shit, judging people; it’s a global platform to revert to the age of nine. Immaturity, lack of sophistication, witch hunts, galactically jack-ass posers. It’s retarded and I have no respect for it. This article doesn’t even touch on what I’ve said. It’s deeper and more disturbing.

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Fuck age. Be hot, beautiful and happy.


every woman needs to check this out

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Let people heal Ffs

I think Americans are trying to heal. They know that the polarization that has resulted from a weaponized political split is causing isolation.

People are hurting.

Relationships are at an all time low and the country feels hurt.

Let those who are self actualized enough to address it, do so- and without a critique.

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